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New Year creates opportunity for a second wind

Bright new beginnings
Bright new beginnings
Laura Letizia

The excitement of a brand new school year is long over. This is the time of year when it becomes difficult to keep the motivation going for both you and your kids. Take advantage of the New Year's holiday to get a fresh start!

1) When you clean up your Christmas decorations, take the opportunity to brighten and refresh the school area as well. Find some new pictures to hang on the wall or buy some fun new pencils.

2) Help your children think about the previous year and what they would like to do better. It may even be helpful for them (and you) to write down things they weren't satisfied with in the old year first.

3) Help your children see how they can turn those things around in the New Year! Spend some time brainstorming how to make a fresh start and do things better in the new year.

4) Celebrate the new year by destroying your regrets and starting over. The kids can even turn their regrets paper into confetti for the party!

It's never too late for a fresh start... and never too early to teach your kids this important lesson!