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New Year count down to a happier new you





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If being happier is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, here is a countdown of ten things you can do to become a happier new you in the New Year.  Think about this list as you do your ten second countdown into the New Year.

10.  Build a strong social network (virtual and in-person) – Happy people tend to have a close group of family and friends to share in life experiences.  Recent studies suggest virtual relationship through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter creates a sense of belonging and happiness.

9.  Find more happy people and stick with them – Happy people have happy friends.  Make smart choices about the people in which you spend your time and energy. 

8.  Get up and get going – Exercise stimulates endorphins in the body, creating an enhanced sense of well-being.  You could also put on your favorite music and dance around your living room, hairbrush in hand, with reckless abandon!

7.  Set goals for your own self-satisfaction – Setting goals that are important to you, for your own reasons, when achieved, will create an increased level of happiness.

6.  Practice relaxation and de-stressing exercises – There will be stressful times in life.  Find healthy ways to cope in difficult times.  Try deep breathing exercises, daydreaming about happier moments, and visualizing optimal outcomes.

5.  Meet each day with the attitude of gratitude - Research shows that those that kept a gratitude journal for a 21-day gratitude study reported feeling more optimistic, had fewer physical symptoms, exercised more regularly, felt more empathetic and more willing to offer emotional support to others.  Learn more here: Develop the habit of using a gratitude journal

4.  Make the commitment to be happy and recommit frequently – Happiness is a choice.  There may be times when you will have to remind yourself of your commitment to be happy.  You may also need to reframe challenging situations in a positive way.  Look for the good in every situation.

3.  Give the gift of your timeResearch suggests that volunteering boosts your spirits.  Finding a charity or organization you believe in and can affect positive change will create a win-win for yourself and the organization.  Check out for volunteer opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth or your local area. 

2.  Keep it simple – The New Year is a great time to get rid of the excess clutter in one’s life.  It also a good time to evaluate your current obligations, eliminate those activities that you do not enjoy and dedicate time to those things that do bring you joy and happiness. 

1.  Be yourself – People that come across as authentic and genuine are more likeable, have deeper, more genuine friendships, and lead happier lives.

Happy New Year and Happy New You!

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  • shari 5 years ago

    This was a great article. It was up beat and up lifting and something do able. I took notes and will certainly implement these suggestions, way to go Angie Strader. Happy New Year to all.