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New Year commitment to exercise

A popular New Year resolution is exercising which can help boost a healthy body and mind. by Andy Newson

Since the New Year has started, many are concentrating on their resolutions towards regular exercise.

While workouts will help slim down the waistline, it also offers an array of health and wellness benefits including a boost in fighting off diseases and illnesses.

As everyone anticipates the numbers on the scale to drop with their new exercise regimen, it’s important to point out Dr. Barry Gordon’s findings from the John Hopkins Medical Institution.

“According to Dr. Gordon, there is a direct correlation between keeping fit and brain power,” said the spokesperson from Nutrilys Del Mar, a marine supplement company based in San Diego. “Exercise has the ability to rejuvenate brain tissue which in turn can promote new synapses, neurons and blood vessels.”

An important part of keeping an exercise routine, the spokesperson pointed out, is healthy eating habits and taking quality marine supplements on a daily basis.

The top supplements for energy, immunity, muscle repair, endurance and anti-fatigue include:

“Having the right daily nutrition will give you the fuel you need to stay on track with your fitness resolution,” said the spokesperson.

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