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New Year challenge: Introducing new healthy recipes

Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Are you looking to live a healthier lifestyle this year? More physical activity? Healthier food? Meditation? This challenge will be helpful on the nutrition front, and there will still be time to incorporate the rest.

The goal for this challenge is to try four new recipes per month, of the healthy variety. It does not matter if you make the recipes up yourself, get them from a cookbook, or Google them. Only that you try them.

To make this easy, break them up into categories:

  • 1 breakfast recipes
  • 1 lunch recipe
  • 1 dinner recipe
  • 1 snack recipe

One of the main goals should be to add more fruits and vegetable to the diet. Then concentrate on replacing bad fats with good, such as coconut oil rather than vegetable oil. Think about the methods of cooking being used right now and ask yourself if their are healthier ways. Consider cutting out refined sugars, and using less processed foods.

All that is necessary is trying four new, healthy recipes per month this year.

And beyond.

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