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New year brings new ways to stay active

Staying active
Staying active
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The new year brings fun ideas for staying active.  For some people that means feeling like they have to join a gym in an effort to make improvements physically.  For other people it means simply finding new activities to do and having fun doing them with their friends and family.  Why should you settle for only being able to enjoy "summer" activities in the summer? Genesys Athletic Club offers many ways for you to enjoy such activities all year.  Genesys Athletic Club allows you to enjoy tennis, golf, volleyball, swimming, and many other activities for you and your friends.  For a limited time only Genesys Athletic Club is offering a 5 for $25.00 friends and family holiday pass.  Not only do you get to enjoy the company of the people you care about, you do not have to spend much to do so.  Genesys Athletic Club is located at 801 Health Park Boulevard in Grand Blanc.  For more information call 810-606-7300.

Another way to stay active and have fun is to go ice skating.  Open to the public daily, the Polar Palace is a great place to enjoy an afternoon with your friends and/or family.  Perhaps someone that you are with is not a good skater, or maybe that someone is you, then take your camera.  When you fall it might hurt now, but at least you can have a laugh later while looking at those special, embarrassing moments in time.  You could rent time at the Polar Palace and have your own party.  This could make a nice afternoon of getting some exercise, visiting with those closest to you, and all the while having a lot of laughs.  The Polar Palace is located just outside of Flint at 3301 Davison Road in Lapeer.  For more information call 810-245-7778.

Winter brings in the new year along with cold weather.  But, that does not mean you should feel like you have to stay inside and wait for warmer weather.  What it does mean is that there are many new activities just waiting for you to enjoy in the Flint area.


  • Connie 5 years ago

    Great article Bob Schriber.. Wonderful information for me and my friends/family... Have to try the ice skating thing.. Thanks for a great article.

  • Doug 5 years ago

    Great ideas for the new year and the right places to check out. Thanks Bob for the info.. Good article. Will enjoy hearing more of your articles... Keep up the good work.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    Great places to have fun and get exercise for a reasonable prices. Good tip!

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