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New Year's beauty resolutions: Stop committing these offenses in 2014

Stop committing beauty crimes!
Stop committing beauty crimes!
Photo belongs to Connor Tarter

We are one week deep in the New Year, and everyone is all about their resolutions to lead a happy healthier life, so why not add some beauty resolutions? Let’s make 2014 the year we put a stop to those beauty crimes we are all guilty of at one point or another.

Stop sleeping in your makeup!
When you commit this crime skin doesn’t get a chance to breath and renew itself. Remember those things called skin cells, they die and clog pores. The makeup acts as shield which stops skin from naturally exfoliating dead cells, bacteria, and oils. Not only does this cause inflammation, but according to Women’s Health clogged pores can cause skin to age faster too. When pores are clogged they stretch and as skin ages it’s harder for them to return to normal size due to depleted collagen levels.

A simple solution is to leave some makeup wipes in your bedside draw. They will probably see more action than anything else you have in there.

Let go of that old makeup you’re holding onto.
You love your makeup, but there comes a time when what you love just isn’t right for you anymore. Nothing last forever, and makeup is no exception. Expired makeup is the perfect home for bacteria, fungus, and yeast; do you really want to invite them to your face? Didn’t think so. breaks down the life spans of our favorite products:

Liquid Foundation and Concealer- 6 months.

Powdered Blush/Bronzer- 6 to 9 months. Every time a compact goes the brush should too. If you own high quality (i.e. expensive) brushes then it’s cool to just wash them.

Lipstick and Lip Gloss – 18 months to 2 years. Notice an unusual taste or smell and it’s time to toss it.

Mascara- 3 months. One of dirtiest products because bacteria thrive in its moist environment.

Eye Shadow- If it’s creamy then it could last from a year to 18 months. Powdered ones can be kept up to 2 years, but brushes should be cleaned regularly.

Eyeliner- Similar to mascara, liquid eyeliner should only stick around for 3 months. Pencils can last for 2 years if regularly sharped and stored properly to keep them clean.

Take a deep breath and say it: “Out with the old, in with new.”

Sharing is caring, just not when it comes to makeup.
You would give your friend the shirt off your back, but that doesn’t mean you should give her the eyeliner out of your makeup bag.

If you share makeup with a friend you’re also sharing germs, and don’t forget it is cold season. Spreading the love with your eye and lip products should especially be avoided since these areas are more susceptible to infections. Discovery Fit & Health reminds us that pink eye, herpes, staph infections and strep throat can all be contracted through use of other people’s makeup.

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