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New year and new ideas.

It's a new year again.  Sorry I've been away.  The family as all families do, has had a few issues.  Yet with everything that has gone on, I have figured out a couple of new things.  Coupon sites are amazing if you use them to their full potential. is a fabulous place to get lots of name brand bargains.  There is a drawback, however,  in that some of the time you are required to purchase more  than one item.   If you intend to get more stuff it is a great bargain.  Sometimes though we don't really need 80 rolls of toilet paper, nor can a lot of us afford it.

Next is the idea of rewards of certain credit cards.  I know for a fact that Chase will give really good rewards.  Usable and logical rewards always get my attention,  and my puppy's.  Most of the breathing public almost has to use one form of card or another.  For example, our chase card give out gift certificates to almost every name brand store you can think of.  Although I am far from the 200,000 points necessary for the Bose sound system,  It still is good to know you can get something back.  I have to check out the other cards, and I'll let you know.

Beware, though, that  you use your rewards in a timely manner.  If you don't  absolutely need something,  just wait and get more.  And by the way, Coke rewards are a joke.  It has been six months, and I have yet to get any of my stuff.  I'll keep drinking it,  but I'm a little suspicious.

Have a good year.


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