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New Xbox One system update will improve voice commands

New Xbox One system update will improve voice commands
New Xbox One system update will improve voice commands
Microsoft Xbox

A new system update for the Xbox One is on its way and will include some great updates. One of these is going to be a great tool for developers, including a "behind the scenes updates" to assist in building apps and games.

Now for the WIFM ("What's in it For Me"?). There will be a few that will definitely be useful for the user. One of these is the inclusion of a battery indicator. This way, the user will be able to see when it is time to charge the controller. Another feature will allow us to see and manage our storage space. Now, before any content is downloaded to the hard drive, we will be able to see how much space we have available.

The best one of all, with this system update, will be the improvement of the Kinect voice commands. It is quite frustrating when giving the system voice commands and getting absolutely no response. The Kinect voice commands are promised to be "more fluid and responsive" with this update.

The system update will arrive on February 11th, with the next one being on March 4th that will be mainly geared toward Titanfall that is, reported by Shack News, to improve party and multiplayer features on the console.

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