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New “X-men” clip to be shown during “Spider-man” credits

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Marvel has been having what they call post-credit scenes that usually offer a look at the next movie in the series. The first Amazing Spider-man movie gave us a glimpse of the Green Goblin which we now know is one of the villains from the second movie.

In a strange change of events, instead of getting a look at The Amazing Spider-man 3, we are going ot be getting a post-credit scene for the next Marvel movie X-men Days of Future Past. What makes this surprising is that the two movie franchises are owned by different production companies (Sony owns Spider-man and Fox Searchlight own X-men).

While this may have been a good sign on the surface, it looks like it might just be a one time occasion. Through a report done by Variety magazine, they learned that the reason why they are showing an X-men scene is because director Mark Webb had made a deal with Fox to work on Spider-man. He was in contract with them when he signed on and the only way he could was to promote X-men for free.

It is possible that in the future that Sony and Fox might want to work together to try and create a blockbuster hit like Disney got with The Avengers. Though all of this could just be wishful thinking. Either way, only time can tell if this will happen.

The Amazing Spider-man 2 is set to come out May 2nd while X-Men Days of Future Past is set to come out May 23rd.

What do you think of a clip being shown during The Amazing Spider-man 2?