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New work on "When women succeed . . ."

Gender equality goals not won since the Seneca Falls convention stand on a House Democrat agenda. THis week, Rep. Scott Peters (D-SAn DIego) joined guest Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-Los Angeles) at a USD discussion among businesswomen on the work leaders on equality still have to do to make economic opportunity equal for women in San DIego.

"When women succeed, San DIego succeeds," contended Rep. Linda Sanchez. Peters, composed to stay tolerant of the lack of pay equity during times women continue to earn 77 cents for a man's earned dollar, agreed there is new work on economic opportunity gains to open work on "across the country."

Sanchez, who participated in in a panel discussion at the event at the San DIego university, called upon the businesswomen to acheive the Democrats' goals, a minimu wage raise that raises tipped workers pay and equal pay, "so women can raise themselves up and better provide for the children who are the future of our country." Work on making gender equality a reality has been tedious since the congresswoman co-sponsored the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act in 2009.

Latina women, today, earn 55 cents for every dollar earned by a white, non-Hispanic man. Women's 14.5 percent poverty rate stands at the highest level in two decades.

The 2010s have not stepped up the economic gain numbers women won during the long movement that made 40 percent of working women the breadwinners in the family today.

Guarantees on available childcare, both int he community and at home, stay an unacheived standard for the Democrats. Gender discrimination at the office, five years after the Ledbetter Act, has not been turned around for the women workers who still face problems enjoying all the rewards of work inthe company of men.

One goal after another keeps Peters and Sanchezz at work. During new millennium times women experience downhill periods at universities and colleges, education opportunities for women do not add up at a rate the Democrats simply agree is enough. Opportunity expansion work is needed.

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