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New Wine Glass: Taking the class out of wine drinking

A new wine glass takes wine drinking to another level! The new glass takes wine drinkers from zero-classy to 24oz-trashy in one pour. The point of drinking wine is to smell, taste, enjoy, and savor the flavor. The visual is usually to drink wine in comfort—for example while near a cozy fireplace.

How should wine look?

This new “wine glass” makes the wine experience more like pouring and drinking beer—it simply requires being thirsty, sitting on the couch shirtless, while eating chips and watching a football game.

Now if you’ve got that visual in your head—it doesn’t appear to be appealing at all. It’s hard to imagine classy wine connoisseur’s sitting on the couch shirtless with a beer gut--downing a “wine mug” eating chips, while yelling at the television because of a foul.

Although wines comes from the barrel it wasn't meant to be kegged. Wine is meant to be enjoyed from a bottle to the wine glass—standard or not.

Join the Wine Club!

Of course there is always an exception to every rule—and sometimes those exceptions appear unnatural. Everyone knows there are approximately four glasses of wine in every standard size wine bottle. For those who need more it looks better just to pour more than have a mammoth glass right away. At least sipping slow—makes you feel like it’s your first glass enough if it’s really the last pour in the bottle.

Join the Wine Club!

What is your opinion? Are you a wine drinker? Does this new glass take something away from the experience of drinking wine? Scroll down and share your thoughts and opinions. Your comments are appreciated.

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