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New Wii U system update adds Quick Start feature

Players can easily access their favorite Wii U titles
Players can easily access their favorite Wii U titles
Photo courtesy of Nintendo, used with permission

Nintendo's latest home console has seen a variety of updates and small tweaks since its initial launch at the end of 2012. Notably, two major updates were released last year that would help speed up the console's operating system. Nintendo has followed this up with the release of system version 5.0, available as of today, which will offer gamers a quick start feature and a revamped notification system.

Upon updating the Wii U, fans will be greeted with a new Quick Start Menu, which can be accessed from the Wii U's gamepad. This menu will display icons for the owner's 10 most-used games and applications upon starting up, allowing users to select and launch the software without having to wait for the system's menu to load completely. It's a small, but nice change for those who want to get into their favorite game quickly (we foresee this being used a lot by gamers who have just purchased the new Mario Kart). As for the system's Wii Mode, a quick start option has been available for quite some time. Holding the B button will automatically send players to the Wii menu as the system boots up.

Aside from that, today's update will allow the Wii U to download and install future updates while the system is in standby mode. The Wii U's gamepad will also be able to display notifications in standby mode as well. These notifications will tell Wii U owners about game releases and promotions from Nintendo, and can be adjusted or turned off in the settings menu. Notifications are now accessible from the Home Menu, as well as the Wii U menu. The update's other improvements will make it easier for new users to set up their Nintendo Network ID, and to navigate the user setting and selection menu.