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New Wii Fit plus coming next week?

Wii Fit Plus

(While you're here - be sure to check out the news about The Biggest Loser video game coming to Wii this fall, and the just launched EA Sports Active)

Is it true, as dozens of web denizens are reporting that Nintendo is set to announce Wii Fit Plus next week? 

The rumors mostly stem from the fact that on April 7, 2009,  Nintendo registered trademark #2009-026024 with the Japanese Patent Office. For something called "Wii Fit Plus".  It includes the logo pictured in this article.

Knowing that the fit folks who love the Wii also love to know what's coming, here are the tidbits making the rounds. reports: "Nintendo has already successfully positioned itself in the lifestyle market, with titles such as Personal Trainer: Walking, Big Brain Academy, and the ever-popular Wii Fit selling in droves. Now, Australian game-industry analyst firm Macquarie Research is predicting that Nintendo may have yet another mass-market title up its sleeve, in the form of Wii Fit Plus."

According to Gamespot, the announcement will come at the Nintendo E3 Press Event (Tuesday, June 2).

GoNintendo snagged a copy of a release list,  showing  Wii Fit Plus, as well as the rumored July release of a Wii Sports 2 Resort, bundled with the controller.

For those of you who missed the other notable news about fitness on the Wii, the announcement of EA Sports Active, here's a comment from one of my favorite sites, CrunchGear, A writer there pointed to the EA Sports Active as being far better than the Wii Fit, because "A virtual personal trainer, the ability to workout with a partner, and a workout that actually works up a sweat! Oh yeah, and a website that has lots of great information and helpful tools to get you motivated."



  • Michael Velardo 5 years ago

    Good article Amy. Right up to date and relevant. Your links are good and support your content.

    I have a weak spot for gaming and subscribe to Gamespot. Also, I was an avid weight-lifter right up until I was 50 years old. Had to stop because of PAD in the legs. However, my doc says that I can return to lifting after I have the surgery to correct it. I had a 300 lb bench press and weighed 168 lbs. at 50 years old and 5"7" short. Not bad, eh?

    Keep up the good work.

  • Amy 5 years ago

    Not bad, you ask? I say, "Whew!" Anytime you want to write a guest column about how you're staying in shape while you are "off the program," I'm open.