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New Whisper Diaper Pail Eliminates Dirty Diaper Smells Forever

Whisper Diaper Pail

According to people who count these kind of things, a baby's diaper is changed approximately 6,000 times before the child is potty changed. (Actual figures will vary.)

While most diaper pails claim to control dirty diaper odors, many of them don’t work too well. That’s because they either rely on thin plastic liner bags to cover the smell, or they try to mask the nasty odors with ineffective air fresheners, air filters or weak cover-up fragrances.

Now moms can eliminate dirty diaper smells from their nursery forever. Introducing the Whisper Diaper Pail with OdoGard Spray Technology - a new diaper pail that makes it quick and easy to dispose of diapers and offending odors at the same time.

Featuring a patented odor-free aerosol spray that’s easy to apply with just a press of a button at the top of the lid, mothers can eliminate odors from even the stinkiest of diapers! The lid is completely hands-free and easily opened with a foot pedal so a mom can keep one hand free to hold her child. And, the opening has a trap door that is wide enough so she doesn’t have to wedge dirty diapers into a tiny opening anymore. Just Spray, Step, Drop, Spray and Go.

This innovative diaper pail uses OdoGard technology, a scientifically-engineered, independently-tested aerosol product that quickly attaches to odor molecules, then securely bonds to form new molecules that locks away the offending odors forever. Water-based and biodegradable, OdoGard technology is safe around kids and pets. OneWhisper Spray Can will normally last for one month.

Engineered by a PhD scientist and parent of five, and tested by moms, this new diaper pail comes with a child-proof safety lock and a one-year warranty. And, best of all, moms can use standard seven or eight gallon plastic trash bags inside the diaper pail for easy, “hands-off” diaper disposal.

Unlike other diaper pails, moms can stop making those quick dashes out to the trash with stinky diapers and quit hiding air fresheners all around the nursery. With its odor-eliminating spray, hands-free lid and air-tight design; the new Whisper Diaper Pail makes odors disappear forever. The Whisper Diaper Pail and a twin pack of Whisper Spray Cans are available on for $59.99 and $13.99, respectfully.

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