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New website displays tulips in wild, native habitats of Central Asia

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The Amsterdam Tulip Museum and the U.S. bulb seller Colorblends launched a new website to display rare looks of tulips growing wild in their remote native habitats in Central Asia. The website -- -- features an armchair expedition with a first-ever online glimpse of a collection of images capturing glimpses of rare wild tulip species in their rugged native habitats: remote mountains and otherwise barren steppes.

The new website, launched August 1, documents work by a group of five Dutch bulb enthusiasts on a two-decade quest to some of the planet’s most daunting mountain ranges. The slide show is one result of their labor of love. Dozens of images present marvelous yet little-known tulip species blossoming in mountain meadows in the Himalayan, Caucasus, Tien Shan, Elburz and Pamir mountain ranges of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Iran, and Afghanistan.

“Despite their genteel garden image, tulips in the wild are native to harsh landscapes in hard-to-reach corners of the world. They’re often found clinging to barren mountain ledges exposed to wind, cold and drought,” the Tulips in the Wild press release reported. “The contrast of harsh habitat and colorful tulips makes for some breathtaking photographs.”

The site also includes an interactive map that allows users to click on a region and view the wild tulips photographed in the area. Each of the 41 images includes a description of the flower and where it was found. The website also includes expedition shots.

The tulips included in the project still exist only in the wild or in a few private collections. But thanks to the new website, tulip fans need not brave the wilderness to get the best view of some of the rarest tulips on earth, now just a click away, at