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New Way to Capture Nightlife

Lightt the new camera app for iPhone
Lightt the new camera app for iPhone

Ever been at the nightclub and think to yourself "Oh wow I want a photo of this!" But trying to wrangle your friends together to take that perfect photo is sometimes a pain. Or better yet you think about taking a video, then it ends up lost on you memory card and it never sees the light of day.

There is a new iPhone camera app that combines the fun of photos and video all in one. Taking a series of photos and turing them in a flip book style photo stream, Lightt is quickly becoming a hit with party people. You launch the app, click the camera button and it does all the work for you. The app takes a series of photos, letting you capture the full moment; from laughs to cheers to dancing and everything else. Perfect for capturing the nightlife antics at your favorite nightclub. Since the app automatically snaps several photos all you have to do it let the moment unfold in front of you, while Lightt does the rest.

Nightclubs are catching on to this trendy new app and many are already incorporating it into their social media platforms. One of the nightclubs using this app regularly is Share nightclub in Las Vegas. They have been using the app to capture their events each week. You can view a sample of their Lightt stream and see for yourself the possibilities you have with Lightt.

Lightt allows users to connect via the app and their website You can add friend's profiles, tag people and use hashtags to filter content. You can share your highlightts (your photo stream) on facebook, tumblr and twitter. You can also save individual photos from your highlightt and share them on your instagram profile.

Lightt is free in the Apple app store and can be downloaded on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. So try it out and see what fun moments you can capture and share with your friends.

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