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New ‘Walking Dead’ 2014 premiere photos, new trailer: Michonne and Carl

With little over 2 weeks until the midseason premiere of season 4 of “The Walking Dead,” fans are excited over the just-released trailer and promotional photos coming out. AMC released a new trailer on YouTube on Jan. 24 that gives us glimpses into the second half of the season along with insight shared by the cast and crew.

Rick and Carl
Rick and Carl
Photo by Youtube (Screen Capture)
New ‘Walking Dead’ 2014 premiere photos, new trailer: Michonne and Carl
Photos by AMC Promotional

The photos reveal that the survivors are a badly shattered lot. Broken, battered and forever changed by their experience at the prison, they are trying to find each other and deal with the aftermath of anger and grief that threaten their very survival.

In one photo, Rick is seen asleep on a couch while Carl appears to cower on the edge of the sofa next to him. In another shot, Michonne is seen with two walkers tethered to her much like she had back when she and Andrea were on their own in the wild.

The first episode, “After” looks to focus strongly on Carl, Rick and Michonne. We don’t know how much will be shown about the status of the others in this first episode or when we’ll catch up with the rest of them. As more previews are released and more spoilers leak out, we’ll keep you posted. For now, enjoy the preview and the picture and mark your calendar for Sunday, Feb. 9 when “the Walking Dead” returns with episode 9, “After.”

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