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New vintage lace

Andrea Jurgrau
F+W media/Interweave

An oxymoron, well no, "New Vintage Lace" is a book by Andrea Jurgrau filled with knits inspired by the past. The patterns are influenced from traditional lace doileys. They are transformed motifs that spark 18 triangular, circular as well as semicircular shawls, hats, scarves and wraps.

Lace is delicate, complex and always in style. Each pattern is charted and if chart (graph) reading is new to you, the section on general rules for following charts will show you how. There are drawings and diagrams to aid in step by step instructions. You will also find the basics of knitting and blocking. Blocking is essential in lace knitting.

If you decide to use a yarn other than what is called for, swatching is an excellent idea. For the proper lacey feel to your project, it is important to use the correct needle size for the yarn you have chosen for best results. The illustrations will show you what to look out for when choosing yarn.

The projects build upon the previous skills as the patterns progress. 'One-Skein Gems', 'Small Shawls', Triangles & Squares' and Larger Projects' define the different sections of patterns offered. 'Beanie' is completed in one skein. All the increases are worked in the first few rows. The vintage pattern was a six sided doily. 'Diospyros Wrap' is a beautifully beaded leaf motif. It is a wonderful combination of lace and filled mesh. It would look well with jeans or an evening out.

If lace is what you enjoy knitting, this book will keep you busy. This is a perfect season to show off your shawl. The slight chill of a summer evening can be alleviated while making a statement with your new vintage lace.

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