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New video marketing technologies bring costs down for real estate professionals

A suite of proprietary video marketing products from a real estate-focused technology company are helping real estate agents and brokers bring down their marketing cost.

Thanks to RealBiz Media Group, Inc.’s (OTC: RBIZ) Microvideo App, Virtual Tour, Nestbuilder Agent and soon, Regional Advantage, real estate agents can save thousands of dollars in marketing costs when targeting potential home buyers online.

According to RealBiz, five percent of the United States’s top real estate agents spend about $2 billion annually on online advertising. And they had reason to spend that much on advertising since 40 percent of web advertising lead to home sales as data from the Properties Online website has shown.

An independent survey from ReachFactor revealed that agents spend around $36,000 annually on marketing. ReachFactor noted that the most popular marketing channels utilized by these agents include publishing a number of websites and blogs, search engine marketing or pay-per-click marketing, and ad placement on real estate website and social media platforms.

Additionally, 70 percent of the 1910 agents who participated in the survey claimed they had no clue on how their marketing costs translate into new business. 88 percent of the participants also stated that they “should be getting better results.”

RealBiz’s video-centric platforms focus on resolving those issues for real estate professionals. In a Stock Lama video, RealBiz CEO and chairman Bill Kerby shared RealBiz’s platforms eliminates the need for real estate agents to buy leads from companies since they “don’t have marketing machines themselves to create lead generation.”

RealBiz’s video creation and syndication platforms, particularly the Microvideo app, allow real estate agents to set up their own pages containing their local listings, neighborhood events, and news updates so they can effectively target potential home buyers all for the cost of $10. The app also allows agents to do email marketing and syndicate their video posts on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

"What they can then do is follow-up with the leads that they have sent out and determine who is an interested follower and who is not, thus generating business back to them," Kerby also said of the platform.

RealBiz’s Virtual Tour Program meanwhile costs agents $299 annually or $29.95 monthly. The program allows real estate agents to create home video tours that interested home buyers can access online.

Data from the National Association of Realtors showed that 92 percent of homebuyers go online to search for a potential home. It also revealed that 75 percent of these homebuyers visit homes they checked out online, and 43 percent of new homeowners found their new humble abode online.

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