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‘New Vegas’ director wants to make an online ‘Fallout’ game similar to an MMO

Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout: New Vegas
Photo courtesy of Bethesda, used with permission

Obsidian Entertainment, the developer responsible for Fallout: New Vegas, has made their desire to return to the post-apocalyptic series known on multiple occasions. Should Bethesda ever give the team the chance to create another Fallout title, New Vegas director Josh Sawyer already knows what direction he would want to take the franchise if the opportunity presented itself. Speaking to IGN on July 24, Sawyer revealed that his ideas for another Fallout game would include online multiplayer.

Sawyer would like to see Fallout become an MMO in a similar fashion to Bethesda’s other popular franchise The Elder Scrolls. The developer also made comparisons between how a traditional single-player title could transition to an online game by pointing out what Bioware did with Star Wars: The Old Republic. Obsidian has watched the Star Wars MMO closely because they have a personal connection with the franchise since they developed the second installment of the Knights of the Old Republic series.

However, it’s the Fallout universe that Obsidian Entertainment wants to bring into the world of online gaming. The developer has a long history with the franchise that they hope to continue while they hope to evolve the series to the MMO genre. In addition to Fallout: New Vegas, many Obsidian employees have had large roles in creating the classic isometric Fallout titles.

Taking the series of Fallout, complete with the post-apocalyptic world’s different factions and skills, seems to be the perfect basis for an online title according to Obsidian. Sawyer explained how he feels that the franchise would be a perfect fit for an MMO by stating, “Personally, I think there are some interesting things that could happen in Fallout in an MMO environment.”

While Obsidian Entertainment continues to publically declare their intentions to make a new Fallout game, the developer is completely dependent on receiving Bethesda’s permission to do so. At this time the publisher has made no announcements pertaining to the future of the Fallout franchise and has stated that any possible be news for any games that re currently in development won’t be revealed any time soon.