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New Vacation Bible School themes for 2015

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Group Publishing

Although many churches are still planning for their 2014 Vacation Bible School (VBS) program, some publishers are already announcing their themes for 2015.

The VBS powerhouse, Group Publishing, will once again have three programs available. Their Easy VBS is called Everest: Conquering Challenges with God’s Mighty Power. The publicity for this invites kids to “embark on an icy expedition” where they will “overcome obstacles with God’s awesome power.” The Everest VBS Ultimate Starter Kit can be ordered now and will be available to ship on December 1, 2014. The price for the kit is $174.99.

Hometown Nazareth: Where Jesus Was a Kid is Group’s Holy Land Adventure program for 2015 where kids will “hear stories about Jesus’ childhood from the best source of all…his mom, Mary!” Part of the program each day includes a visit to Mary’s house as well as trips to the Marketplace shops to make crafts. The price of the Ultimate Starter Kit is $139.99 and will ship on December 8, 2014.

Group doesn’t seem to be offering a weekend VBS for 2015, but they are introducing a new type of VBS which they call Cross Culture. The 2015 program is called Thailand Trek and states that it is “a fresh way to ignite kids’ faith by immersing them in another culture.” Kids will meet 4 kids from another country on video who love Jesus and explore their everyday lives through games, snacks, and cultural experiences. The Cross Culture VBS Thailand Trek Ultimate Starter Kit sells for $149.99 and will be ready to ship on December 8, 2014.

For 2015, Gospel Light Publishing will offer SonSpark Labs: Discovering God’s Plan 4 U = Jesus. This science-themed program takes kids to SonSpark Labs where “children will excitedly explore God’s life-changing plan as they find out the answers to life’s most important questions.” The Deluxe Kit retails for $199.99. The kits will be shipping beginning on December 15, 2014.

Standard Publishing’s 2015 VBS is called Bible Blast to the Past: Discovering God’s Everlasting Love. Kids will explore God’s everlasting love through three Old Testament and two New Testament stories. The music will once again be produced by Yancy, a pop rock Christian singer. As of this writing, the website didn’t list prices or have an option to pre-order the kit.

Cokesbury, the publisher for the United Methodist Church, will offer G-Force as its 2015 VBS program. According to Cokesbury, kids will “explore how to put their faith into action… experience God’s unstoppable love and discover how to fuel up and move in and through life with God. Watch your church come alive with movement and images of all sorts of kid-friendly transportation, such as skateboards, running shoes, roller blades, and more!” The Super Starter Kit retails for $159.99 but as of this writing Cokesbury was offering the kit at a 50% discount for $79.99.

Lifeway is the publisher for Southern Baptist churches and their 2015 VBS theme is Journey off the Map: Unknown to Us, Known to Him which “takes your kids to uncharted territory where they will begin to understand that obedience to God can lead them beyond the expected.” The Jump Start Kit sells for $34.95, the Preschool Starter Kit is $99.99, and the Kids Starter Kit is also $99.99., stick close to your guide

The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod’s publisher is Concordia and they are offering two VBS option for 2015. Camp Discovery: Jesus at Work through Us is offering a Starter Kit for $149.99 which is expected to be available on December 1, 2014. Their other option is Follow the Lamb, a downloadable, reproducible program which focuses on what life was like for the first Christians in the Early Church.

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