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New uses for towel bars and hooks in every room of the house

New uses for towel bars and hooks
New uses for towel bars and hooks Andrewhoet

Decorating with everyday items can prove to be both attractive and functional. Towel bars open themselves to a variety of uses, and they are available in many attractive finishes and styles that will look nice in any room of the house. Here we will look at several decorative uses for towel bars that will help keep you organized and uncluttered, and add an interesting element of surprise to those that see them. Most of the ideas we've listed work best with the use of 'S' hooks. These hooks can be found at any hardware or home improvement store, and allow the items you display to slide back and forth easily, providing easy access to materials that you will need frequently.

Functional uses for towel bars and hooks in the kitchen:

Coffee cups - Free up cabinet space by removing coffee cups and hanging them by the coffee pot. By suspending them in air, you won't clutter countertops space and guests can help themselves to a hot cup of coffee.

Cooking utensils - Don't keep your cooking utensils shoved in a drawer - instead, keep them within arms reach by hanging them beside the cook top.

Pots and pans - Instead of purchasing pricey kitchen racks, hang pots and pans from towel bars and hooks.

Decorative uses for towel bars and hooks in the foyer:

Coat rack - Mount a towel bar in a space close to the front door and hang several hooks from it. You'll create an attractive place to store coats, backpacks, umbrellas, and other bulky items.

Pet supplies - Keep all the pet supplies together in one place by hanging leashes, collars, brushes, and pet sweaters by the front door. Now, when you take Fido for a walk, you know where everything is and it's waiting for you right by the front door.

Decorative uses for towel bars and hooks in the bathroom:

Bath toys - Store the children's dry bath toys in one convenient place. Hang them at a height the kids can reach so they can be in charge of putting them back in place after bath time.

Pampering station - Create a chique pampering station by hanging hooked shower gels, lotions, loofahs, sea sponges, bath pillows, sleep masks, and other pampering products in one location.

Decorative uses for towel bars and hooks in the living area:

Quick curtain rod - Turn a pretty bed sheet or other fabric into a new window treatment by attaching curtain clips to the fabric and hanging it by 'S' hooks and a towel bar. If you have a long window, install multiple towel rods, side-by-side, along the entire length of the window.

Artwork display - Hang wire-mounted artwork in a decorative manner. This will eliminate the need to hammer holes in the wall, and it will add a dimensional element to your art.

Functional uses for towel bars and hooks in the garage:

Cord corral - Do you have extension cords thrown in a corner or box in your garage? Keep them neat and organized with a towel rod! Arrange them by length, color, or purpose.

Lawn tools - Lightweight lawn tools can be hung up out of the way, and you'll always know where they are. Gardening tools, garden hoses, plastic rakes, etc., are things that can be safely stored on a towel rack.

One last note: When choosing towel bars for any of these decorative uses, you will want to be sure to use hooks with the same finish. Thus, if you will be using a brushed nickel towel bar, you will want to also use brushed nickel hooks. You can hang as many, or as few, of the hooks as you'd like. It all depends on how much you want to display.

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