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New US Olympic Museum engages public support with discussion forums

The planned U.S. Olympic Museum will be near the USOC Campus in Colorado Springs/
The planned U.S. Olympic Museum will be near the USOC Campus in Colorado Springs/
Photo by Max Donner

You are welcome – to share your ideas for the proposed U.S. Olympic Museum in Colorado Springs, that is. An important part of the planning process is a series of open discussion forums which began last month on April 15 and continued today, May 20, at the Regional Development Center in Colorado Springs. A valuable part of the program is for attendees to discuss ways that supporters can become more involved and help this vision become a reality.

A creative source of funding emerged for the proposed museum and other planned attractions last December when the State of Colorado approved a proposal to redirect approximately $120 million in incremental sales tax revenues over the next thirty years to cover about half of the estimated costs of the project. Foundations grants, individual donations, facility rentals and ticket sales will be needed to secure financial planning of the project.

The public is invited to attend the next informational meeting on the City for Champions projects including the U.S. Olympic Museum on Tuesday, June 17. Colorado Springs city and El Paso County elected officials and representatives from the four City for Champion projects will be present to discuss the proposed projects, finance plans and milestones. Questions and input from the community are welcome. You can also submit a question via email at: Four example, you can ask whether travelling exhibitions can be organized together with a sports museum or university in your city and how you can donate Olympic memorabilia to the archives.

Supporters of the vision for the planed U.S. Olympic Museum have a rare opportunity to learn more about how professionals present Olympic sports and history to the public. This June, the Independent University of Barcelona is offering a free online course called “The Olympic Games and the Media.” Discussion topics will include the symbols and rituals of the Olympic Games and characteristics of audiences for Olympic broadcasts, important information for the future success of the new U.S. Olympic Museum.