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New Upstate South Carolina ecovillage

According to the Intentional Community (IC) website, there is a group which began in 2013 an effort to start a new ecovillage in Upstate South Carolina. The mission statement of the group is "living 4 less but having more."

Mr. James Toye, the group's listed contact person on the IC website, says that he is very interested in natural building. Knowing the present difficulty in getting such designs past building regulations and codes in the region, he has been investigating a Tiny House community. Read the suggested article below about Lloyd Kahn's tiny house experiences.

The Upstate South Carolina ecovillage is currently in the planning stages. There are no fees for joining, no required labor fee. One of the huge advantages about building in an ecovillage is the help from community members with various backgrounds in natural building. There are also the unique shared interests in things like more simple and healthy lifestyles, efficient energy use, environmental protection, food production, in addition to the sense of community.

The Upstate ecovillage is not based on a cohousing model, but current members are open to having community cohousing. Members are to have completely independent finances and will be allowed to have existing debt, education will be in public schools, and community decisions will be made by consensus of all members.

With no diet restrictions, everyone will have individual eating choices. The members would like to have shared meals about once a week. They currently produce between 25 to 50 percent of their own food. Alcohol and tobacco are allowed and used occasionally.

There is no identified leader or leadership core group, but those interested in getting more information on helping build an intentional community in Upstate South Carolina should email James Toye on the website. Any other forming ecovillages should be registered on the IC website to spread the word.

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