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New TweetDeck Directory is great for finding lists to follow

TweetDeck Directory
TweetDeck Directory

TweetDeck Directory is a new addition to the TweetDeck browser for your computer. It aggregates and organizes Lists from Twitter users, then offers them to you in an easy format to search through and select from.

Main categories such as Arts & Entertainment or Business or Regional is a great starting point to begin the process of selecting the Lists you want to follow.

For instance, if you want to find and follow American Football enthusiasts, select Football (American) in the Sports category. Another directory is then shown to you, listing the names of up to 150 lists that are focused on American Football. Each list name is clickable, revealing the members in the list as well as the number of followers and the name of the list creator. All of which is helpful in determining which list you actually want to follow.

A handy blue button titled +Add Twitter List adds the list to your Twitter account and now you have a new group of people to follow. From that point, go to your Twitter page, select the List to review, then select the individuals you would like to follow. This way, you determine who's stream you want to follow on a daily basis. Those you decide to not follow daily you can always check in by reviewing the List.

Reminder: don't just follow like-minded people. Twitter is a social media tool and you're welcome to jump into any conversation that is in the open Twitter stream. So don't hold back - jump in and start talking and responding to messages you see. Within a short time you'll be connecting with interesting people and learning new ideas...always a good thing.