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New Trends: Fashion on Wheels

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Local food trucks have been all the rage in the DC area for a few years now but according to DC’s daily-read Express paper, there are currently a host of fashion trucks being spotted in our area in glamed up chariots taking statement style to the streets. Realizing nowadays brick and mortar shops are very expensive to open and maintain and start up boutiques are at an all time high… not to mention the fact that you can find a plethora of the same or similar over priced items via every “Instagram Boutique” and “online clothing store” this innovative business has quickly become a staple alternative for closing the gap in the retail market.

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Rolling boutiques are gaining speed across the country. Stacey Steffe, co-founder and president of the American Mobile Retailer Association, estimates that in January of 2011 there were three fashion trucks in operation in the U.S.; now there are more than 350. The D.C. area hosts at least seven of them according to The Washington Post. This new breed of fashion entrepreneurs stock their trucks with a rotating selection of merchandise at very affordable prices. Check out some of the most popular boutiques on wheels currently zipping through our area via the attached slideshow.