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New trends in beauty spots

For years salons like Supercuts were one of the first to only specialize in delivering a particular service. Concentrating on cutting only, these salons did not offer coloring. This was great for the stylists that had no interest in coloring hair, and ultimately great for clients who didn't want to get hair color either. This way they could never be pushed into or even talked to about hair color. Totally safe both ways!

Styling and cutting techniques.
Styling and cutting techniques.
Photo by Chelsea Lauren

Now there are many specialty salons with different specialties. From brows waxing/threading to blow dries these salons cater to women looking for specific services and offer highly trained experts that only concentrate and focus on these specific services. Giving you an expert who is not only highly educated in their techniques, but also quick because they do the same thing all the time. The Blow Dry Bars that are also popping up all over are great for the busy girl who has no schedule for pre-booking or no specific stylist. As well as Blow Dry Bars, there are salons that cater to only curly hair called the Devachan Salons in New York. They only service curly hair and do not blow dry hair straight. Devachan Salon's only help clients embrace their curly locks with products and techniques. Their stylists are trained specifically to deal with all types of curl, whether it's coloring, highlighting, cutting or setting. These stylists are the ones you want if your hair's curly.

Most of these specialty salons are walk-in only, however some do take appointments. It is very convenient to just have someone waiting for your to pop in and get your hair styled or your brows waxed. Perfect for those last minute get-togethers or invites! Now you have a technician who only has a passion to perform one service and you are pretty much guaranteed excellence. Plus its a great way to not get hassled or up sold on other services giving you a much more relaxed experience. The best part is that they are not totally popular yet so walking in won't be a problem. No worries!

These specialty salons have been quite popular in more Metropolis type areas but are now becoming more widespread throughout suburbia.