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New trailers

A real fighter
A real fighter

Two new trailers have been releases this week that warrant a look. These two films are completely different but should gain mass audiences.

The first, is the new Denzel Washington film Unstoppable. It is the fifth time that Washington has worked with the film's director, Tony Scott. Starring along side is the new it-boy Chris Pine aka the new Captain Kirk. Unstoppable is loosely based on a true story of a runaway train that happened in 2001 but some cinematic liberties have been taken to make the film more dramatic and suspenseful.

The other trailer is for the Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale starrer titled The Fighter. The Fighter tells the story of boxing icon "Irish" Mickey Ward and his relationship with his brother, the film also stars Amy Adams is garnering strong word of mouth especially for Adams and Bale. Bale once again lost weight in order to play Ward's brother and trainer who ends up in jail. The film is directed by Three Kings helmer David O. Russell.

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