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New Trailer for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Reveals Dark Secrets

If you've been at the movies at all this week, especially if checking out Sony's Robocop,then you probably caught a new trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Well that trailer is now available online, and it seems to spoil one of the franchise's big secrets.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

While much of the footage is stuff we've already glimpsed as part of the Super Bowl TV spot, there is some new stuff in there involving Richard Parker (Campbell Scott), Peter Parker's father who mysteriously disappeared. Based on this we can assume it has to do with OsCorp's creation of super-powered beings like Rhino (Paul Giamatti), Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan), and Electro (Jamie Foxx). But if you look close you'll also see what appears to be the tentacles of Dr. Octupus and metallic wings belonging to the Vulture. Could we be seeing those villains next?

Directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Sally Field, and Chris Cooper, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens May 2nd 2014.

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