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New trailer for 'Goat Simulator' parodies 'Dead Island'

Video game trailers have become increasingly important over the last several years. A cinematic debut trailer can set the game's tone, while a short teaser may have fans talking about the game for month's before more details are released. The new trailer for Coffee Stain Studios' Goat Simulator will definitely have people talking, mainly because it parodies one of the most iconic video game reveals of all time.

Wreak havoc in this physics-based title
Coffee Stain Studios

When Dead Island was first announced back in 2011, gamers and media alike couldn't get enough of the artistic presentation the “backwards trailer” had. So, what better way for Coffee Stain Studios to show off their new physics-based farce than with a parody trailer designed in much the same vein? From the inter-cut madness, to the somber tone, this trailer's hilarious take means we may never be able to watch the original the same way again. Goat Simulator is set to launch for the PC on April 1st, but those who pre-order now will be granted early access.

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