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New Trailer for Brett Ratner's 'Hercules' Starring Dwayne Johnson

With so many summer tentpoles coming literally every single weekend, some are bound to fall between the cracks. Not every film is going to get the push of a Guardians of the Galaxy or Transformers: Age of Extinction, others like Brett Ratner's Hercules need to work to get a little attention. And so we have a brand new trailer that puts its musclebound star Dwayne Johnson right in the spotlight.

Dwayne Johnson is the Greek hero 'Hercules'

Johnson's all oiled up, bearded, and wearing a lion pelt as the mythological hero, only this story isn't based on the Greek stories many are familiar with. It's actually based on the Radical Comics series, The Thracian Wars, in which Hercules and his band of fellow mercenaries train a king's army for war against an evil warlord.

Also starring Rufus Sewell and Ian McShane, Hercules completes his labors on July 25th.

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