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New trailer and release date for 'The Walking Dead: A House Divided'

Many people were concerned that the wait for the next installment for ‘The Walking Dead’ would be a repeat of what happened with ‘The Wolf Among Us’, but Telltale assured us that it wouldn’t and it looks like they’ve kept that promise.

The Walking Dead: A House Divided Screenshots-slide0
Telltale Games
Telltale Games

In the previous episode ‘All That Remains’ we were introduced to a slightly older Clementine and what was left of the group she knew in Season One. She ends up getting separated from her friends and running into a new group of people who question if they can trust her or not. We were immediately thrown into the feels-train and by the end of the episode we were an emotional mess and salivating for more.

The new trailer leaves us with many questions. Who is Carver? Why are they so scared of him? What are they hiding? Can we trust this new group? Who is the baby daddy? Where is Maury with the paternity test when you need him?

‘The Walking Dead: A House Divided’ will be available for PS3 and PC on March 4. No official word on other versions (Xbox, IOS, etc.), but most likely they will not be far behind.