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New toy turns human body into an instrument

New toy turns human body into an instrument
New toy turns human body into an instrumentAP

Imagine – slap your belly and get a squeak. Tapping your forehead produces a tub-thumping drum sound. Tap your feet and hear a horn honk.

Sound fun? Check out the newest toy released today from the Japanese toy company Tomy. Codenamed Ningen Gakki (“Human Musical Instrument”), the device is about the size of a small teddy bear and turns your whole body into a musical instrument. The toy has four touch-points that connect players when they are touched. Sound plays through remote speakers.

“It was a blast,” said Ty Bruner, a Los Angeles musician who tried an early prototype. “It basically turns your body into a one-man band. I hope they release a pro version for musicians someday!”

Although destined to cause a lot of grief for parents at bedtime, the toymaker stated that the idea is to enable children to make music together in a fun, educational manner.

Can't wait to give it a try? Unless you are planning a trip to Japan, you might have to. For while the toy goes on sale in Japan this summer, Tomy stated that they have not yet decided if they will market it anywhere else.