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New tool for caregivers and families

Caregivers are frequently family of the person and thus have some inherent obsticels. A new tool is on the horizon for use in navigating our way. Caregiver's do not have all the information, just as physicians and clergy doesn't. What we do know is the more information the easier the path is to walk on. Families struggle with this on a daily basis, just as our two candidates in the above video

This tool seems to address so much in our daily lives. Frequently a caregiver is face with a question, the answer is not available and this creates more tension. has developed a template for families to use to help provide more answers. It is important to remember this is a template, meaning the family is able to tailor the tool to meet specific needs. The same tool is also found on the internet by googling 40/70. The idea being this tool would ideally be used by 40 year old children/70 year old parents. Please remember this tool is universal to family needs whether in Washington State or elsewhere in our country this tool is meant to help begin those difficult conversations which play out to quality of life for our spouse, parents, client or dependent children.

40/70 covers topics from driving to dying, from living at home to residential care, from how to address the care of a dependent child to socializing after the death of a spouse. Some of these topics may be ones already discussed others may be ones that have not come up yet. 40/70 has been specifically designed to fill in answers and prompt conversation of the difficult subject matter.

None of us wants to believe that one day we will be depending on another person. However dependency is frequently the case. And just like breathing a loss of independence is possibly in our future. Remembering the old saying there are two things certain in life 'death and taxes'; therefore creating a need for help and guidance at times in our life. What a wonderful blessing it is to have thought about some of these questions before hand thus reducing the stress. Answers to the most difficult questions seem to always need voicing at the most difficult time in our lives. Families are often at odds, when put to the test in an emergency room or ICU. Being prepared for this time takes away some of the sting and gives us some control back. And should you want more explanation please call Kristi Larson-Lowe at (206) 601-9441 or look up on the internet.

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