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New to Las Vegas? Job hunting steps-Part I

95 North
95 North
Brenna Leising 11/2009

So you’ve just moved to Las Vegas and want to find work. Lucky for you, over the next few weeks you can read this ten part series filled with great information in a step-by-step format on the best ways to approach and apply for jobs here in Las Vegas.
Today’s information is on evaluating location, location, location. Use these and the upcoming articles to get your game plan together. Really evaluate what you (and your family) consider acceptable.

1) Do you ride the bus or drive? The good news is that in Las Vegas it is still reasonably easy to work and live on opposite sides of town. If you live way out in North Las Vegas, than consider the commuting time to get to that job out in Henderson. The typical time it takes to ride the bus each way is approximately 1hr and 15 minutes. While there is virtually no part of the city you can’t reach by bus, mull over which parts of town are too far for you to drive and/or ride to on a daily basis. Realistically evaluating what you can, and cannot, put up with (commuting wise) can keep you from possible attendance issues in the future. Sure, for a few months you may not mind a three-hour-a-day commute, but will you be able to do it long-term without affecting your job and/or family life? Asking these questions can help eliminate jobs you may not keep long, thus, lowering your chance of unemployment again in the near future.

2) Is the extra gas cost and time commuting worth a permanent job? Usually, yes! A regular full-time job is better than no job. So do the numbers. For example, $40 more a month in gas for a job across town may not leave you thrilled-but you are working! Look over your numbers closely. In this example, say the job offered to you will cost a total of $60 more a month in gas, but the pay is $ .50 more an hour. The $.50 may not seem like much, but working full-time at 160 hours a month pays $80 more; leaving you with $40 left over even after your added gas cost. Even after income taxes, you most likely are left with more cash-not to mention a regular job!

3) Shift and duties. Las Vegas is a 24/7 town. The possibility of landing a job working weekends and a C shift is very likely, in any industry. Many buses run 24/7 to major areas, but check out your nearby bus routes before you put in that application in case the shift for the position conflicts with the bus schedule. It is unlikely, but some bus routes have end times. It is better to check it out, and avoid accepting a job you do not have the means to get to.

4) Research the areas of town for work and determine what, if any, precautions you might want to take. Check out the LVMPD CrimeView Map! A truly cool tool to check criminal occurrences in different parts of town. This is great for finding neighborhoods to live in, too.



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