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New ‘Titanfall’ update gives fans the ability to play in private matches

Respawn Entertainment

A new title update for Titanfall was pushed live on all platforms which makes some balancing adjustments, implements several bug fixes, and even adds a major new feature to the competitive shooter. Respawn Entertainment detailed the update on April 10 when the developer posted the complete changelog for the new patch.

The most interesting addition from the title update gives players the abilities to create private matches. Respawn Entertainment warns players that the new private settings are still in beta and, as such, aren’t yet fully optimized and are missing several features which the developer plans to implement at a later date.

Private Matches allow Titanfall players to create their own private lobby to begin a session only with the people of their choosing. The new private match system supports anywhere from 2 to 12 players. There must still be two teams which can have either the maximum of six members or as few as only one. Fans will be able to pick their preferred map, game mode, and rule set as normal.

Players won’t earn experience, nor will they unlock achievements or challenges wile inside a Private Match. However, the summary screen at the end of a session will display to players what they would have earned if they weren’t playing in a private game.

Despite the fact that the matches will be locked to the public, the developer assures players that private matches will still connect to the same dedicated servers that all of Titanfall runs off of so fans can expect to have the same experience in a private match as they would any other time. The developer also plans to give players more options for setting up the individual rules of private matches in the future.

Titanfall is a multiplayer-only shooter that is out now on Xbox One and PC. The game's latest update is now available on all systems and Respawn Entertainment has released the full patch notes.

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