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New Times point fingers at Pearce/Cortes to hide Lewis liberal ties that bind

Gadsden flag
Gadsden flag
Kate Dionne

In his latest attempt at selling hate in Arizona New Times blogger, Stephen Lemons, has chosen a new victim of his bullying that can loosely be called journalism. That victim is Republican candidate, Olivia Cortes, who is also running in the LD 18 Special Election that will finish this November. The election will decide if recently Recalled State Senator Russell Pearce will be able to keep the seat that Mesa voters have allowed him to have for the past decade.

Mr. Lemons, in an article dated August 4, asked Ms. Cortes if she knew Russell Pearce. She answered no. He also asked her why she was running, and she responded to give the voters a choice. Lemons also asked Ms. Cortes if she had reached out to Mr. Jerry Lewis regarding the campaign, and she in turn replied no but that Lewis contacted her and asked her to step down. Unlike Robert Hernandez MacDonald (D), and Tommy Joseph Cattey (I), Ms. Cortes did not honor the request and has held her ground in the hotter than an Arizona summer election.

Comments under Mr. Lemons article include one from someone who goes by the moniker “republiKKKlan killa” who seems to warn Ms. Cortes and even invites Mr. Lemons to join the party.

“Mrs. Cortes whoever you are. Please do the American people a favor and step aside. Obviously, you have no idea what you are doing. And you sure as heck don’t have any political expertise whatsoever. Step down and stay quiet. At least we could use your support for Jerry Lewis to help overthrow that neo-Nazi associating enemy: Russell Pearce. I hope Lemons will find out more about this mysterious Cortes. Whoever the &*^% she is. Lemons should find out who her “friends” are. She’s an obtable in the way that needs to be overcome.”

Interesting that she should step aside and keep quiet since she has no political expertise. One has to wonder if Lemons, who is not shy about his disregard for Russell Pearce and loves to profit off the hate mongering the New Times helps him spread, wrote the comment himself.

Apparently, Jerry Lewis, who has gained support from such Democrats as former Arizona governor Janet Napolitano, Congressman Raul Grijalva, and union organizer Randy Parraz (to name a few) needs no expertise, and the only Democrat in the race has backed out. (Things that make you go hmmm?)

Citizens for a Better Arizona's, a group started by union organizer Randy Parraz, attorney Tom Ryan has stood up in defense of the signatures that were questionably obtained in Mesa, and is also spearheading the lawsuit filed against Ms. Cortes questioning the validity of her eligibility in this race. All to the benefit of Jerry Lewis. She collected signatures just like Lewis did, maybe not in the same fashion (there has been speculation that the signatures collected in support of the recall were paid for by Progressive Democrats in Arizona), and when the complaint was filed with the Secretary of State’s office they found no error in her signatures and squashed the complaint. So, attorney Tom Ryan, is including the Secretary of State, Ken Bennett in the suit as well.

So the real question here is not who Olivia Cortes’ friends are, but who are Jerry Lewis’ friends? And why is he so intimidated by anyone other than Russell Pearce being in this election? That wouldn’t sell advertising for the New Times, so they won’t tell you the truth. They’ll continue making it up as they go along, and Stephen Lemons will continue hoping that you buy the hate that according to him, sells so well in Arizona.


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