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New tick-borne illness discovered

New tick-borne illness discovered
U.S. Department of Agriculture

In recent decades, Lyme disease has become a major concern for hikers and other lovers of the outdoors, both human and canine. Recently, scientists have identified a bacterium that causes symptoms very similar to those of Lyme.

Borrelia miyamotoi is also spread by tick bites, but in the past, those infected have tested negative for Lyme, leaving their plight a mystery. Now, however, it is possible to test for B. miyamotoi, making it possible to avoid the illness’ worst effects through early detection and treatment.

Nonetheless, as with Lyme, prevention is the best way to deal with B. miyamotoi. Key elements of prevention are wearing well-concealing clothing (particularly pants and socks), using tick repellent, and checking oneself for ticks and tick bites after a hike.

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