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New 'The Vampire Diaries' season 5 episode 12: 'The Devil Inside' preview

On Jan. 27, The CW released a new sneak peek preview for "The Vampire Diaries" season 5, episode 12 "The Devil Inside." Spoiler alert – turn away now if you don’t want to see what’s coming up on the show.

Promo photos for 'The Vampire Diaries' episode 5.12: 'The Devil Inside'
Promo photos for 'The Vampire Diaries' episode 5.12: 'The Devil Inside'
Photos by: The CW/Spoiler TV
'The Vampire Diaries' logo
Photo by: The CW

The new preview reveals how Katherine's body has disappeared from the Salvatore house – Damon! Stefan watches as his brother walks through the front door with a shovel and mud-caked shoes and asks, "Where ya been?" Damon informs him, "Katherine's rotting corpse was stinking up the house. I got rid of it!"

Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that Katherine's daughter has turned up to claim her mother's body. Nadia informs Damon that Katherine wanted to be buried with family in Bulgaria, but the news doesn't upset the bitter vampire. He smirks and answers, "Nothing gives me greater joy than to deny her dying wish!"

The synopsis for this episode reads:

SEARCHING FOR THE HIGH ROAD - When Enzo (guest star Michael Malarkey) brings Damon (Ian Somerhalder) a gruesome present and insists that they bond by committing an act of revenge, Damon makes an effort to do the honorable thing. After finding himself in awkward and confusing conversations with Nadia (guest star Olga Fonda), Matt impulsively decides to throw a party, where Caroline (Candice Accola) makes a stunning confession to Elena (Nina Dobrev), then has to face the consequence of her actions with Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Tyler (Michael Trevino). Aaron (guest star Shaun Sipos) does his best to make amends for his family's past misdeeds and start a new life for himself. Finally, Elena suddenly finds herself in a life-threatening situation with only minutes to figure out how to save herself. Kellie Cyrus directed the episode written by Brett Matthews & Sonny Postiglione (#512).

It’s going to be an exciting episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in Thursday, January 23 at 8 p.m. to West Palm Beach Comcast channel 4 (The CW) to see "The Vampire Diaries" season 5 episode 12, "The Devil Inside."

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