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New teen trend 'Beezin,' putting lip balm on eyelids, could be deadly


First there was the "cinnamon challenge," then there was "snorting Smarties" and now there is a new teen trend called "Beezin'" that has doctors concerned.

The popular Burt's Bees lip balm is now part of a viral trend, which you can see on this Youtube video. Teens have started putting the lip balm on their eyelids claiming it gives them a high, reported by ABC on Friday.

It's called beezin' and people who have tried it say it intensifies the experience of being high or drunk.

Others say they use it to help them stay awake or alert. Burt's Bees is all-natural, so some think it's harmless. But doctors warn that beezin' could lead to serious health risks.

Doctors say it may cause an allergic reaction, or symptoms similar to pink eye. In serious cases, an infection could cause loss of sight or even be life threatening.

Dr. Kelly Johnson-Arbor, who is a medical toxicologist says, "Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus. If you use the lip balm on the cold sore and your friend borrows the lip balm, puts it on their eyelid, the herpes virus could be transmitted from the lip balm to a person's eye, and that person could go blind."

The peppermint oil in the balm can be very irritating and people should seek medical help if they have pain in their eyes.

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