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New technology, Kiosked turns photographs into advertisements

Native Advertising
Native Advertising
Julienne Lin

Kiosked is a new technology that further expands on marketing efforts to integrate native advertising seamlessly for publishers. Advertising that lives among the content we consume is nothing new in this generation, however it’s a challenge and fine line to walk on. Although most readers today are not unaware of native advertising, the ads need to be delivered in a way that is unobtrusive and does not hinder the reading experience if publishers do not want reader drop off.

A handful of publishers, many that are outside of the U.S. have started to adopt Kiosked. Kiosked operates under the tagline “Anything you see can be yours.” The technology can turn any visual content into an ecommerce storefront, including editorial photographs and video.

Publishers can pick and choose what content on their site to embed code provided by Kiosked. When a reader visits a page, Kiosked scans the copy on the page in seconds and generates an overlay of related products or services relevant to the image or video on the page.

There has been debate on whether Kiosked’s technology makes advertising a more pleasant experience for readers or is “Orwellian and nightmarish.” For fashion sites, this type of advertising could be well received and is often expected. Readers of fashion publications are oftentimes looking to buy the products they are reading about. However, for sports publications or more news-oriented sites, this type of advertising could be jarring. Currently a couple of UK-based publishers including The Telegraph, IDG and Rugby Week have incorporated Kiosed’s technology.