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New technology for old-school work style

Hewlett-Packard Slate 10 HD in tablet-as-laptop configuration at workstation.
Hewlett-Packard Slate 10 HD in tablet-as-laptop configuration at workstation.
Photo by: B.J. Coleman

Looking for an inexpensive work and play solution that packages ease of operation with flexibility in use? Consider a three-item combination from Hewlett-Packard that begins with the versatile tablet HP Slate 10 HD.

The tablet is spritely in speed and responsive in touch-screen use, with its Marvell® SoC PXA986 Dual-Core (1.2 GHz) processor, and it packs storage capacity with memory of 1 GB DDR3 SDRAM and internal storage of 16 GB eMMC. Measuring 10.1 inches on the diagonal, the crisp display is easy on the eyes and is paired for listening with an impressive Beats Audio sound package. The device’s integrated camera also features front-facing and rear-facing webcam capabilities. The lithium battery on board keeps the device running for up to ten hours on its own power. That puts together lots of options for fun and productivity.

The stylish “silk grey” back is attractive and sturdy. The tablet is user-friendly, especially for customers who have grown fond of Android operating systems from familiarity developed with smart-phone handling. That further allows for quick syncing with other mobile-device-based data stored on Android platforms. The tablet is preloaded with the Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS and multiple common Google and HP applications, including as well Box (with 25 GB of free cloud storage), Kingsoft Office, Skype, and YouTube. These basics are sufficient for a good start for most users. (The only deficiency that may be a drawback is the tricky maneuver of connecting the tablet, which has only a single micro USB port, with standard USB-connector peripherals. A Bluetooth USB hub is one simple method of resolving that difficulty.)

Even better for work, though, is partnering the tablet with the compact HP K4000 Bluetooth Keyboard and the HP Z5000 Bluetooth Wireless Mouse. This particular setup is also easy on the pocketbook. Currently sale priced, the tablet usually costing $299.99 takes $50 off and pares 15 percent off accessories. The keyboard (standalone $59.99) goes for $50.99, while the mouse (by itself $29.99) adds on at $25.49. So, for less than $327 the buyer has either a take-along tablet weighing under a pound and a half, or a stand-in configuration for a workstation laptop.