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New "Tech" Design for Valentine's Lingerie: Goodbye, Thong -- Hello, Strapless

The month of February always signals the arrival of New York Fashion Week where fashion collections are showcased by designers for all the world to see. This year, 2014, one of the highlights has been the latest in lingerie design. It is skimpier and sexier and reminds all of the fig leaf: it is the Shibue Strapless Panty.

The Shibue Strapless Panty removes the worry of visible panty lines, thus minimizing incidents of fashion faux pas with its sleek and sexy design.
New Design for Valentine's Lingerie:  Go Strapless!

Even hearing the word 'strapless' sounds risque, and what a sight to behold the new Shibue undie is!

But it's not just for its sex appeal that has folks excited about it. No, not at all. Rather, it's as close to going commando one can get while still wearing undergarments -- which means less worry for awkward wardrobe malfunctions, like visible panty lines while wearing certain styles of gowns.

Indeed, the Shibue Strapless is a laser-cut panty with strips of soft silicone gel adhesive to help attach them to the skin. What's more, the Shibue Strapless is washable, reusable, and comes with a cotton liner for protection.

On the Shibue website, their motto is: "We Didn't Cross the Line...We Erased It!" That, coupled with Shibue's other tagline of "She Shoulda Shibued," has certainly taken this month's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York by storm. And the Shibue Strapless invasion has certainly been successful -- it's fast becoming the undergarment of choice for designers, stylists, and models.

Shibue founder J. Beuttner said, "[W]e knew we had the product that designers didn't even know they were missing. Now their couture will look flawless and the models will feel comfortable without having to risk baring it all for fashion's sake."

Beuttner went on to share how the Shibue was born. While at her sister's wedding, Beuttner was self-conscious about the panty lines revealed by her silk bridesmaid dress. So, at the last minute she snipped off the straps of her thong, then used double-sided tape as an adhesive, and walked down the aisle into history.

Later she would experiment with various types of adhesives to get the right combination for washability, comfort, non-irritation on the skin, re-attachment capabilities several times throughout the day, and have the ability to remain on despite high activity and perspiration. Thus, the Shibue Strapless Panty was born.

So, if you're considering purchasing lingerie for your female love on Valentine's Day, it's recommended you give the gift of the Shibue Strapless. The Shibue Strapless, after all, dominated the Paris runway a few weeks back, made headlines in Britain, and has recently become the only trusted strapless undie worn at the recent Mercedes-Benze Fashion Week in New York; it's essentially the "unseen" (think, discretion) product helping to make these fashion shows flawless.

Your lady love will certainly find the Shibue Strapless to be a one-of-a-kind practical gift when seeking to avoid any fashion faux pas, especially with evening gowns for formal occasions. Besides, this innovation is sexy, too.

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