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New teacher at an Oklahoma high school shows up drunk and pantless on first day

Lorie Ann Hill, a 49-year-old Oklahoma school teacher, allegedly went to her school inappropriately on the first day of the new school year. Authorities arrested Hill as she was allegedly drunk, pantless, and shoeless, according to ABC News on Thursday afternoon. She was arrested on Monday for having shown up to Wagoner High School in an intoxicated state with not pants or shoes on, says the Wagoner Police Department.

Lorie Ann Hill booking photo
Wagoner Police Dept photo

As the story goes, the Wagoner Police Department’s police chief, Bob Haley, asserts that Hill was found slumped over a desk in an empty classroom by two teachers at Wagoner High School. He said that the assistant principal – who claims he had never seen her before - came on the scene and found her with no pants on. Hill was in the principal’s office wearing a pair of shorts that someone had found for her when a police officer showed up at the school to investigate the allegations. The officer said that he could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from her breath.

Hill admitted at the scene that she had been drinking before entering the building. According to the report, Hill – who is a newly hired teacher at Wagoner High School – told the police officer that she had been drinking orange juice and vodka on her way to the school. The police officer asked Hill if she had any more vodka left. To that, she told the officer that she had more in her car. In her car, which was parked in the school’s parking lot, police found an empty cup that smelled of vodka.

There was more than enough evidence for the police officer to take action. According to the Daily Mail, Hill was booked on a charge of public intoxication following the incident. Though she has been charged for the public intoxication, there is no charge of driving under the influence because there are no credible witnesses to prove that the teacher drove to school under the influence of alcohol.

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