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New talents arise out of the Raleigh area in Memphis

Raleigh Crew
Raleigh Crew

The love for music here in the south, expands far back than anyone can imagine, especially from the depths such great music come from. In Memphis, TN, the birth of Blues and Rock & Roll, the term hip-hop has taken a whole new meaning. Not too far from Austin, maybe 10 strong hours away, young gifted talents are surfacing in the back rooms and closets of North Memphis, right in Raleigh. Conjoined together with a crew of child hood friends, Producer Noezzy, along with artist Rambo, 100, Kane, and Jamie have been rocking together for a while, dropping original tracks and mixtapes.

It seem like a dream, that this is finally happening, we making music again, hits to be exact, Noezzy stated. He went on to explain how much of a challenge it was to get the crew together, setting up the studio and just getting everyone one on board, same place, same time daily. Since the Squad has linked up, with the acquisition of enthusiast and artist KKG, the crew has been able to be full effect and in a focus motion. From being in the studio, what it seem like 24/7, the crew has been dropping bangers and hits after hits. Stay tuned... To be continued...