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New Tailgating changes announced

Tailgating on University property during gamedays has gotten much more restrictive over the last several weeks, with multiple items coming from UGA President Mike Adams over the curtailing of certain privileges on North Campus and the University in general, mainly in response to a backlash from alumni over the conditions on North Campus last year.

Tailgating on North Campus is now limited to 4 hours before the kickoff time, which for example, means that a 7:30pm kickoff will not only allow tailgating on North Campus after 3:30pm. All large items, such as tables over 4 feet, tents, televisions, generators, grills, furniture, kegs, etc will not be allowed on the North Campus quad under any means.

Over all of the campus, pull-behind trailers, cookers, and sound systems along with all golf carts and ATV's are now banned from parking areas. The no vehicles on sidewalks rule that applied to East and South Campus now will also apply to Carlton and lower Sanford streets.

One of the stated reasons for the restrictive bans on large items was that the committee formed to bring specific recommendations to Adams felt this would move the tailgating away from the norm for the last several years and back to a more traditional tailgating experience, along with preserving the historical areas of campus. The North Campus area is particularly susceptible to damage because of the soft soil and large oak trees. When many people crowd in the area for several hours at a time, it compresses the soil, which over the last several years has begun to damage the root systems of the trees, making them more susceptible to disease and injury.

Typically, American Stadium Services charges the University about twenty thousand dollars to clean up after a football game, and to cart off all of the trash that has accumulated over the last 24 hours. However, the last several years, the cleanup time has begun to take longer due to the massive amount of trash in specific areas, particularly North Campus, with the groups working in other areas finishing much earlier than that crew and having to assist them in cleaning the quad on North Campus.

While some people are calling for a reversal of the ban, calling it extremely restrictive and an insult to fans, there is a sizable contingent that feels that the ban did not go far enough, and that it needs to become a total ban to preserve the University grounds and ensure a safe gameday experience for everyone.


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