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New survey shows Americans go to work when sick

A high percentage of Americans still go to work even when sick.
A high percentage of Americans still go to work even when sick.
Creative Commons/William Brawley

Calling in sick to work is a dreaded task, but numbers from a new study showing how many Americans still go to work while sick may surprise you.

The survey, conducted by NSF International, was conducted via telephone and consisted of 1,003 adults, all over the age of 18, 502 of which were men.

Forty-two percent of Americans say that they attended work while sick to meet strict deadlines, while 37 percent say that they attended sick because of the absence of paid sick leaves at their work place.

Thirty-three percent wait until the symptoms of their illness are too bad to ignore before they take off from work.

What do co-workers of the coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing poor souls think?

Sixty-seven percent of Americans consider their sick co-worker a dedicated, hard-working person, while only sixteen percent considered those coming to work sick as selfish.

Although they applaud the tenacity of the sick co-worker, they still use precautionary measures.

Ninety-four percent take some form of precaution when coming in contact with a sick co-worker including washing their hands (87 percent) and using hand sanitizer (68 percent).

Forty-four percent disinfect their workspace when a sick co-worker leaves their space.

How often do you call in sick?

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