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New survey says it's not weird to name your car Stanley

This is, by far, the creepiest car name of all time!
Mass Market Paperback

Christening your wheels is not as far-fetched as you would think. Now, a new consumer study states that one in five car owners have not only given their rides a nickname but also ascribed a gender to them.

DMEautomotive, a Florida-based, car-focused marketing company, conducted a survey last year to determine which consumer tends to personify their vehicles. The outcome of the survey was not surprising as it concluded that women and younger car owners tend to refer to their vehicles as a "he" or "she" and provide them with nicknames as well.

According to Doug Van Sach, DMEautomotive's vice president of strategy and analytics, The accepted cliché is that men have a more passionate, personal relationship with their beloved cars, while women view them as utilitarian machines that get you from Point A to B. But this research provides a different insight: women are significantly more likely to christen their vehicles, and also associate a female gender with them, while more men perceive their vehicles as male. And while we’ve seen numerous headlines on the fact that millennials are the least car-passionate generation in history, they’re far more likely to personify and name their vehicles. This indicates an emotional and personal vehicle attachment in these demographics, one that auto marketers might want to explore and leverage," Van Sach concluded in a press release.

There are those who argue that cars are soulless mechanical devices that would hardly merit being given a name. Many car-owning folks however would beg to differ. Cars have become such an intricate part of our daily lives that we develop real attachments to them. Perhaps a clinical expert might surmise that naming a car is a way to build a comradery with an inanimate object in hopes of maintaining a kind of mutually beneficial relationship?

Well, whether you've nicknamed your heap of metal or not, based on the nationwide DMEautomotive survey, here are the top five vehicle names:

Black Beauty

Got a nickname for your car? Share it below! BTW, the nicknames for my two vehicles are Windy and Sexy Lexi.

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