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New supper club for city night owls - Kabana

Montreal has recently been in need of a new hot spot to spice up its repertoire of nocturnal hangouts. Sure, we’ll always return to our favourite lounges on trendy St. Laurent, we’ll occasionally scope out the hipster scene on Mount-Royal and we’ll even join the ballers for a night in Old Montreal, but every so often it is nice to experience a change of scenery in an otherwise diverse metropolis. Kabana, though not directly on the island of Montreal, is just what the city’s night owls have been (r)hooting for.

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While most supper clubs have a knack for being pretentious, Kabana, located in the South Shore, offers the perfect balance between lush and lounge. Although the restaurant boasts two floors of dining, drinking and dancing space, there is no room for posers here. At first glance Kabana is upscale and modern, but if you look more closely you’ll notice that everyone is genuinely having a good time. French designer Miguel Cancio Martins (W Montreal, Buddha Bar Paris, Man Ray New York) strayed away from traditional supper club furnishings when conceiving Kabana’s look. While the leather fringe trimmings and dim lighting ensure the urban feel commonly associated with supper clubs, the retro Hawaiian totem poles make Kabana a little less rigid and a little more exotic than other hangouts of the same genre.

The stunning decor mirrors the beautiful people who adorn the place. With more and more newcomer club hoppers flocking towards some of the longer-standing supper clubs, there is comfort in the fact that an older, mid-twenty to thirty-something crowd is frequenting the place.

Kabana’s international menu does not disappoint. In terms of credentials, this new social establishment is brought to you by the owners of Montreal culinary staples Cavalli, Bice and our other favourite Montreal Gourmet eateries.

Night owls, keep your eyes open for this one.

6000 Boulevard Rome
Brossard, QC
(450) 445-6111