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New Superman game looks to blast away The Superman Curse

Superman, for being the world's most notable (and most iconic) superhero, has had trouble times. "The Superman Curse", as it's occassionally known, has led people to believe that the untimely death of George Reeves and the injury of Christopher Reeve both came from their time behind the "S" Shield. Never mind that Tom Welling, Dean Cain, and Brandon Routh have all lived healthy, if not forgettable, lives and careers post-Man of Steel.

Superman's "The New 52" Design
DC Comics

When it comes to video games, he's largely been the star of forgettable affairs, but one title has gone down in a legacy of horrifyingly bad gameplay. Superman 64, released over a decade ago for the Nintendo 64, had so many glitches and errors that they had to be written into the game's plot; the thick, dense fog the system used to cover up far distances, coupled with Superman's general weakness throughout the title, had been played off as "Kryptonite Fog" that Lex Luthor unleashed.

Chillingo hopes to change the face of Superman's Kryptonite-laced gaming past with a new, simply-titled game, Superman, for iOS devices. Having launched yesterday for only $.99, the game takes the classic Man of Steel and pits him in a side-scrolling adventure that has him using his various powers to take out crime and stop Lex Luthor's current plan to rule the world, or at least beat the Man of Tomorrow.

Will Superman soar high, or will the title be burdened by past failures? The game does seem to revel in the past; the art style and continuity alone are already outdated, as far as current comic books go. In recent months, DC Comics (the publishers of Superman) have revised their whole universe into a series of books under the umbrella The New 52. Clark Kent, in his guise as Superman, no longer has the humorous red shorts, but wears a Kryptonian Battle Armor into fights. The upcoming film, Man of Steel, likewise lacks this outmoted design element, and DC's evolved the character to 2011 sensibilities, where he's more likely to oppose the 1% of Lex Luthor than serve under the whims of the American government.

The game is available in the App Store.


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